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CloudCorder increases your over-all-profit in two ways:



For each camera, which activates CloudCorder, you will earn extra-money. We will transfer it to you every month. So your profit margin increases by using CloudCorder. It's as simple as that.

All you need to do is the following:
  • Contact us and become our partner.
    (We have conditions for manufacturers AND dealers as well!)

  • Integrage CloudCorder into your WebUI
    (We can offer OEM for every IP Camera's WebUI)
That's everything. You're ready to go!

One last hint: You can also promote existing customers to upgrate their WebUI and use CloudCorder. (Our clients did so and thankfully raised lots of additional profit which they could have never achieved without CloudCorder!)

With CloudCorder, you can tell your customers "This camera is connected to the cloud. You can manage it and even record all your events in the cloud!" -- In our case studies, this is a hard-fact for selling more cameras. So it's proven that you can also increase your total sales volume with this additional feature.


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